Ending violence against children in Lao PDR: A multi-sectoral response to the national Violence against Children Survey Priority actions 2018

National Commission for Mothers and Children, Lao Statistics Bureau and UNICEF Lao PDR

In 2014, the Lao Statistics Bureau and the National Commission for Mothers and Children (now the National Commission for the Advancement of Women, Mothers and Children) led the implementation of Lao PDR’s first national Violence against Children Survey. The findings of this survey were presented in a final report which "provides a number of wide-ranging and interlocking recommendations to help Lao PDR to effectively address violence against children over the short-, medium- and long-term." This document outlines the priority actions to which the Government of Lao PDR is committed to pursuing in order to tackle violence against children in the country. 

The document outlines the key findings from the Violence against Children Survey and lays out the approach to addressing violence against children, which includes:

  • A long-term vision
  • A multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach
  • A child rights-based and gender-sensitive approach
  • Community engagement and collaboration
  • Alignment with existing Government strategies

The priority actions are centered around three primary areas:

  • Enhancing the enabling environment by implementing and enforcing laws and policies that protect children from violence, establishing systematic national data collection and research, strengthening the capacity of all those who work with and for children, and enhancing management and coordination in child protection.
  • Preventing violence against children by changing attitudes and behaviours and promoting respect and non-violence, supporting parents, caregivers and families, and empowering children to protect themselves.
  • Responding to violence against children by providing timely referral and access to appropriate support services, and bringing perpetrators to justice and preventing re-offending.