Evaluation Framework & Impact Assessment Guidance and Template

Olivia Lind Haldorsson - Council of the Baltic Sea States

PROMISE envisages and supports the development of national tools to evaluate Barnahus’ performance and assess its impact. The results of the evaluation and impact assessment importantly inform potential reform of the Barnahus’ policy, practice and organisation. The results can also support advocacy for budget, policy and law reform at national level to ensure an enabling environment for Barnahus.


The purpose of the tools is to establish a clear framework and systematic approach to:

a) Evaluate performance against the Barnahus Quality Standards;

b) Assess the impact on, for example, the recovery of the child, equal access to services for all children, the effectiveness and child friendliness of the criminal investigation and the implementation of procedural safeguards for children.

Format and Content

The Promise evaluation and impact assessment templates in this resource provide inspiration and examples for both evaluation and impact assessment. The format of the templates is simple and accessible. Please note that you will need to complete the template by including your specific indicators, data requirements and information. The template includes a non-exhaustive list of examples to give you an idea of indicators and data that you might want to collect. The examples can be adapted, removed and expanded on. You may also want to include data on where the results are published, and to which target groups they are disseminated to.