Family Profiles in Child Neglect Cases Substantiated by Child Protection Services

Marie-Ève Clément, Annie Bérubé, Mélissa Goulet & Sonia Hélie - Child Indicators Research


This study was conducted to address some of the gaps in the current literature by identifying, in a more comprehensive manner, family profiles and service referrals in cases of child neglect investigated and substantiated by Child Protection Services (CPS). Using a sample of 1 123 children whose case has been substantiated by CPS for child neglect during the 2014 cycle of the Quebec Incidence Study, Latent Profiles Analyses (LPA) led to the identification of 5 family profiles, each displaying a specific range of personal and family needs: 1) difficult children; 2) fragilized parents; 3) isolated families; 4) distressed families; and 5) high-need children. Links were established between theses profiles and the services identified by the caseworkers to help the families. Recommendations are proposed to improve the match between service referrals in case of child neglect and the multiple needs of children and their families followed by CPS for neglect.

This article is part of the special issue of the Child Indicators Research journal, focused on child neglect.