Integrating Violence Against Children Prevention and Response Interventions within PEPFAR HIV Pediatric Testing, Care and Treatment

Aften Beeler, Severine Chevrel, Siân Long, Kristin Weinhauer - 4Children

This report presents the preliminary findings from an ongoing project undertaken by 4Children that seeks to identify key opportunities to incorporate violence prevention and response interventions within priority PEPFAR Program Areas at clinical and community levels. The initial focus is on HIV testing and services (HTS) and pediatric care and treatment — a priority identified at an introductory meeting with selected members of the OVC and Gender Technical Working Group Advisors held in July 2015. The findings presented here draw on conclusions from the introductory meeting, a desk review and over 25 interviews, including 18 country-level key informants covering nine countries. The report concludes with recommendations and next steps based on the findings.