The African Report on Violence Against Children

The African Child Policy Forum

This report, from the African Child Policy Forum, is aimed at informing and accelerating pan-African, regional and national efforts to prevent and respond to violence against children. The report provides an overview of violence against children, including its nature and magnitude in the African continent. The report outlines the primary forms of violence against children - physical violence, neglect, sexual violence, mental and psychological violence, and cultural practices that involve physical or emotional harm - as well as the contexts in which violence may occur, including in the home, in the school, and in the wider community.

The third chapter of the report specifically discusses violence against vulnerable children, including children living or working on the street, children in residential homes, child domestic workers, and children with disabilities. The report also includes an overview of the responses to violence against children in the African continent, including legal reform and policies, programs, and services. The report concludes with recommendations and an agenda for action to prevent and address violence against children in Africa.