Towards an Effective System for Child Protection and Prevention of Violence against Children in South America

Akemi Kamimura, Vanessa Orban Aragão Santos and Paula R. Ballesteros - Brill

This chapter from the book The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: Taking Stock after 25 Years and Looking Ahead, presents the legal framework and public policies, that address violence against children in ten South American countries. It focuses on three key recommendations of the Report: Recommendation 1 concerns the coordination and integration of national and local commitments and actions taken to respond to violence against children: Recommendation 2 considers progress made regarding international and national legislation to prohibit all forms of violence against children: Recommendation 3 refers to the breakthrough made in establishing national and regional data and investigation systems to support public policies, strategies and plans.  The chapter closes by mentioning advances and setback that took place after the publication of WRVAC in 2006 and highlights several issues that must be considered to improve a child rights-based national plan of action for children