Improving Support to Child Reintegration: Summary of findings from three reports

Global Coalition for Reintegration of Child Soldiers

Launched in September 2018, the Global Coalition for Reintegration of Child Soldiers—co-chaired by the UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict and the United Nations Children’s Fund—tasked its Expert Advisory Group to carry out research, interviews and a series of consultations to develop three interrelated briefing papers, each with a distinct focus, but all with an aim to understand how the international community could more effectively support children who have exited armed forces and armed groups. This document is a summary of the three papers and contains actionable recommendations at the end to stimulate thinking and action to assist these most vulnerable children and their communities.

The main areas of inquiry were divided into three thematic briefing papers: 1) Gaps and Needs of Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups’ Successful Reintegration, 2) Reframing Child Reintegration: From the Humanitarian Action to Development, Peacebuilding, Prevention and Beyond, and 3) Financing Support for Child Reintegration. They explore the current status and issues surrounding funding for programming and general support, as well as options for more predictable and sustainable opportunities moving forward.