Joint Statement on Protecting Children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

Joint Statement

22 organisations are urging the EU to call for the respect of international humanitarian law and an immediate ceasefire by all parties as the number of children being killed continues to rise.

We urge the EU to protect these children by speaking in one united voice and:

  • Call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties in the conflict.
  • Unequivocally call on all parties to respect international Humanitarian Law, commit no further Grave Violations against children and ensure that there is accountability for those committed to date.
  • Ensure the immediate, unconditional release of all civilians deprived of liberty, most urgently children, pregnant women and mothers with infants and young children, the wounded, elderly and sick held captive by armed groups in Gaza;
  • Ensuring full and unfettered humanitarian access to allow aid agencies to reach civilians in need, as well as lifting of humanitarian access restrictions in the West Bank.
  • Guarantee safe passage for civilians who need and want to seek safety to any place they feel safe. Families need adequate access to information on options and to be given adequate time to do so safely.