Stop the War on Children: Protecting Children in 21st Century Conflict

George Graham, Mariam Kirollos, Gunvor Knag Fylkesnes, Keyan Salarkia and Nikki Wong - Save the Children

This report from Save the Children provides an overview of the impacts of armed conflict on children, the efforts that Save the Children and others are making to address the needs of children affected by armed conflict, and a series of recommendations for governments and others. The report establishes the basis for an international plan of action to protect children in conflict. Leaders and governments have a particularly powerful role to play. Save the Children calls on them to:

  • Uphold standards of conduct in conflict.
  • Hold perpetrators of violations to account.
  • Take practical action to protect children and support their recovery

The report features some case studies and examples of efforts to protect children affected by armed conflict - including case management programs in Bangladesh to address family separation of Rohingya refugee children, family tracing and reunification of separated and unaccompanied children in South Sudan, and alternative care provision for those children in South Sudan who cannot be reunified. The report also includes individual stories of some children who have been orphaned by armed conflict and how Save the Children programming has supported these children.