The Impact of the War Against Ukraine on Women: European Parliament Resolution of 5 May 2022 on the Impact of the War Against Ukraine on Women (2022/2633(RSP))

European Parliament

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the impact of the war against Ukraine on women on 5 May 2022, in which it among other things:

  • Asks the Commission to ensure correct and full implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive across all 27 Member States and to make sure that women refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine fully benefit from the rights enshrined therein, especially regarding health services, maternity, childcare and access to the labour market.
  • Calls on EU countries to address the specific needs of women and girls in reception centres (unfortunately, this time, the European Parliament also shows support for “abortion care”, in paragraph 6; see: paragraphs 7, 11, 24, 26).
  • Asks EU Member States to adopt a number of measures to prevent and combat trafficking in women and girls, e.g., “providing safe and coordinated transportation between Member States”.
  • Demands the Commission to prepare uniform guidance for the reception and support of children, especially young girls as well as elderly women including during procedures for transferring unaccompanied children, providing interim alternative care and reuniting children with family members.
  • Requests greater direct financial and material support for CSO.