Ukraine Assessment Report - Waiting for the Sky to Close: The Unprecedented Crisis Facing Women and Girls Fleeing Ukraine


Through a new partnership between VOICE and HIAS, and as part of a six-country assessment in the region, VOICE conducted a three-week remote rapid assessment in Ukraine to assess the needs of women and girls affected by the war, and the needs of WROs and groups responding to the emergency. The assessment revealed that the top concerns for women and girls include threats to physical safety from active conflict and continual bombardment; food insecurity; and lack of access to healthcare, including the full range of reproductive health services, care for survivors of rape, and mental health. The assessment notes a range of GBV risks, including an increase in domestic violence, and an extreme lack of safe and sustainable housing and shelter options. Additionally, transgender people are unable to access appropriate health care and face extreme risk when trying to cross the border. As noted above, the WROs best placed to address these concerns are excluded from humanitarian coordination structures and, if able to locate funding at all, struggle with overly burdensome and restrictive funding structures.