Ukraine: Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment February 2022 – February 2023

World Bank, Government of Ukraine, European Union, United Nations

The report focuses on the 5 key strategic priorities: critical and social infrastructure, energy infrastructure, housing, private sectors development and humanitarian demining.

According to the assessment, damage in the social protection area mostly consists of destroyed or partially destroyed infrastructure, such as residential care units, sanatoriums, or social service delivery centers.

As of December 2022, the reconstruction needs for the residential institutions (for the elderly, persons with disabilities, and children) are estimated at 117.29 million euros. The estimated reconstruction needs for sanatoriums and children’s camps amount to 134.49 million euros. The report highlights that 1.01 million euros will be allocated to address the reconstruction needs in residential institutions, and 103.67 million euros for sanatorium and children’s camps (page 55).

The report also points out that the Ukrainian Government is currently supporting 24,613 families and facilities to provide care for children who have become orphaned since February 2022 or due to other circumstances before that time (page 34).