Building Blocks: Asia - Briefing notes for communities working with orphans and vulnerable children, Protection

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

This briefing note from the AIDS Alliance is part of a series of briefing notes to assist policy-makers, programme managers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community-based organisations (CBOs), local government and communities to respond to the needs of children affected by HIV and AIDS in Asia. This note focuses on protection and includes an introduction to the topic, an outline of the impact of HIV/AIDS on children, and guidelines and possible ways of taking action to strengthen support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).

The note highlights the many issues that can impact a child’s vulnerability to the affects of HIV/AIDS. These include: poverty, family breakdown and abuse, forced migration and trafficking, parental and community situation, prostitution, sexual abuse and exploitation, drug abuse and crime, limited access to information and services, lack of legal protection, and the low awareness of the situation of vulnerable children. The note also outlines principles of programming to reduce children’s vulnerability that including: protecting children from exploitation, preventing risky situations, promoting community action to protect children, and strengthening children’s capacity to protect themselves. The note uses case studies to illustrate the practical application of these principles and provides strategies for action pertaining to each of these principles.