Forward-Looking Review: World Vision's Approaches to Integrating Microenterprise Development and HIV/AIDS Response

Jill Donahue

World Vision (WV) and WV-affiliated microfinance institutions (MFIs) recognize that poverty and HIV/AIDS are inextricably linked and mutually exacerbating. Based on this recognition, World Vision and several WV-affiliated MFIs implemented pilot projects to test different approaches to integrating MED and HIV/AIDS response.
Each of these pilots has undergone an individual assessment or evaluation. World Vision and WV-affiliated MFIs felt it timely to conduct a review of the findings of all these assessments/evaluations and to consider relevant state-of-the-art findings by other organizations.
The purpose of the review is to identify the best way(s) forward for the work of WV and its MFI affiliates in the integration of MED and HIV/AIDS response, in preparation for scaling up approaches that have proven effective and efficient. This will inform and guide future efforts by WV MFI and other MED-focused staff, HIV/AIDS-focused staff, national directors, regional staff, support office staff, and partnership office staff to develop high quality programming integrating MED and HIV/AIDS response.  In light of World Vision’s commitment as a child-focused organization, particular attention was given to how integration can benefit children (in particular children orphaned and otherwise made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS), their families and communities.

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