Orphan Alert: International Perspectives on Children Left Behind by HIV/AIDS

Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Foundation

The Association and Foundation François-Xavier Bagnoud have been assisting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and advocating on their behalf for more than ten years. FXB has developed this volume to serve as a resource for a broad range of readers interested in orphan issues.  Orphan Alert is intended to be accessible and useful both for those who are already deeply involved in efforts to assist orphans and for those who are just beginning to learn about the orphan crisis.    
This volume is comprised of two sections, each containing three articles.  Through the articles compiled here, FXB seeks to fill gaps in present discourse and to advance knowledge and practice in the field.

The articles included are:

  • Underestimating the magnitude of a mature crisis: Dynamics of orphaning and fostering in rural Uganda (Neil Monk)

  • A mounting crisis: Children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in semiurban Ethiopia (Marta Segu and Sergut Wolde-Yohannes)

  • A looming crisis: Orphans in India before the impacts of HIV/AIDS (Joana Chakraborty, Mellary Chrisstie, and John Zomingthanga)

  • Ethiopia: Transitioning from institutional care of orphans to community-based care (Mulugeta Gebru and Rebecca Atnafou)

  • Zambia: The potential of networks of child-focused organizations (Louis Mwewa)

  • Malawi: Qualities of effective community activists for orphans (Stanley Phiri)

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