Lessons from the Children in Families Plus Pilot - Volume 3: Introducing the Hotspot Community-Based Approach to Support Child Reintegration

Children in Families (CIF) Technical Working Group

The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) leads the Children in Families (CIF) Technical Working Group, a consortium of child-focused organizations promoting family care for institutionalized children in Zambia. The consortium is implementing the CIF Plus (CIF+) pilot, a holistic, integrated approach to reintegration case management. Each partner is leveraging their strengths and capacities towards a collective effort to successfully reintegrate 81 children from child care facilities (CCFs) in Lusaka district into families over three years (2019-2021). See Volume 1 and Volume 2 learning briefs for more details.

To complement the CIF partner interventions targeting the child and family and to enhance the sustainability of reintegration efforts, the project is using a Hotspot approach to address community-level, environmental factors that may contribute to a child’s increased risk of family separation. The collective application of the Hotspot approach is completely innovative in the Zambian child care reform space. In this brief, we spotlight the Hotspot approach and promising observations to date in undertaking this strategy.

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