Research on the Mental Health Problems of Left-Behind Children in Rural China

Ziwei Chen, Ziyang Hu, Qingyi Zheng

With the development of the Chinese economy and affected by the urban and rural household, urban and rural household registration system as well as various national policies, an increasing number of migrant workers have poured into cities in recent years. Thus, there is a noticeable surge in the group of left-behind children, which is captivated by the officials and society.

This study analyzes the influence of school, family and society on the psychological development of left-behind children from the perspective of the factors that affect their psychological problems. At the same time, this study elaborates on the current psychological problems of rural left-behind children, which can be divided into three categories: interpersonal problems, learning problems and personality problems. Among them, interpersonal communication problems are divided into three aspects: communication with parents, communication with relatives and communication with peers.

Finally, this study puts forward targeted countermeasures according to the problems, which can help left-behind children gradually form correct values and sound personalities in education.