The Impact of the Bolivian SOS Social Centers

Nancy Ardaya Salinas

The SOS Social Centers is a SOS Children’s Villages project that seeks to protect children at risk due to poverty. The Centers work in areas peripheral to the Bolivian cities of Cochabamba, Tarija, Oruro, Santa Cruz and Sucre. SOS Social Centers offer protection and education for the children of families without the necessary finances to support them. The children are attended to during the day and have access to health, nutritional and education services. The center also promotes the inclusion of women and the families of the children attended to at the centers in daily activities.

This document reports on the impact of the SOS Social Centers after ten years of work in Bolivia. It comprises 9 parts: i) the background of the SOS Children’s Villages, the socioeconomic climate of Bolivia and the background to the work carried out (objectives and methodology of the research); ii) the current conceptual bases of the Social Centers and their work philosophy; iii) the historical background of the Social Centers in Bolivia, where the process of setting up the first Center will be detailed, its development process and changes observed to date; iv) the impact of the work of the Social Centers at an institutional level; v) the impact on the children; vi) the impact on the women and the families participating; vii) the impact on the community; viii) conclusions and recommendations, and ix) an index with comparative tables.

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