Understanding Vulnerability: a Study on Situations that Affect Family Separation and the Lives of Children in and out of Family Care

Irwanto & Santi Kusumaningrum, Center on Child Protection University of Indonesia PUSKAPA UI

This report presents analysis and key findings from a study aimed at fully understanding the situations of children in Indonesia that may lead to family separation. The report covers those children who are sent to childcare institutions as well as those living in non-institutional arrangements. The report assesses the living situations of these children and of those facing vulnerabilities within family care. The study is also intended to contribute to a broader understanding of child protection and existing social assistance programs in Indonesia for improved policy and program development addressing child and family vulnerabilities.

The report provides background information on children out of family care in Indonesia and presents key findings on the “push and pull” factors that are related to the separation of children from their families, the vulnerability experienced by children in out-of-home care and in family care, the role of community in helping these vulnerable children, and systems responses to the vulnerabilities faced by children. The report concludes with recommendations for the protection of children, prevention of family separation, and improving alternative care and its use.

In collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia, Supported by BAPPENAS and the Australian Aid Program of the DFAT Australia