Girls on the Move in Southern Africa

Save the Children

This report’s primary purpose is to recommend evidence-based strategies to improve the relevance and effectiveness of field interventions that target development outcomes for migrant girls in Southern Africa.

To do so, it draws on qualitative action research conducted in Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia in 2019. Methodology comprised rigorous academic review of existing knowledge published to date about the situation for migrant girls, and workshops with field-based Save the Children teams already implementing programmes for children on the move. Most importantly, the research process prioritised listening to 53 girls in three respective border and urban areas, all of whom had or were in the process of making a journey across international borders, and all of whom, therefore, were in a position to share and compare experiences as well as opinions on the ways in which society perceives and supports or obstructs the aspirations and wellbeing of girls on the move.

This report is part of a global research series on girls on the move.