Harnessing the Potential of Communication for the Well-Being of Transnational Families

Rosel San Pascual - Communicating for Social Change


In this chapter of Communicating for Social Change, I will present my analysis of the micro- and macro-level challenges of transnational separation of Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)-parents and their left-behind children, which consequently beget psychosocial distresses among transnational family members. In doing so, I have drawn evidence from my interview of Singapore-based Filipino mothers who left their children and family in the Philippines to pursue overseas work, as well as existing literature on Filipino transnational parents and families. Furthermore, I will put forward some broad communication policy advocacy objectives that highlight the critical role of communication in facilitating a better life for transnational families. The listed advocacy objectives emphasize how communication may be harnessed at the micro and macro levels for the well-being of transnational families.