Pathways to Statelessness and Parent-Child Separation Among Uyghurs in Turkey

Marie-Ève Melanson

This article explores the self-reported experiences of Uyghur migrants in Turkey regarding the pathways that lead to statelessness and parent-child separation. First, I discuss statelessness among Uyghurs, including Uyghur children, living in Turkey. Second, I address the issue of parent-child separation during migration and resettlement, and the resulting “orphanhood” of Uyghur children.

Finally, I turn to the role that Uyghur-led educational initiatives play in addressing Uyghur refugee children’s needs specifically, and the current crisis in the Uyghur homeland more generally.

This paper contributes to the scholarship on refugee law and resettlement by exploring the ways in which the crisis in the Uyghur homeland has impacted and continues to impact Uyghurs’ refugee narratives and priorities as they reorganize their lives in the diaspora.