Transitioning to a Government-Run Refugee and Migrant Response in Greece

Inter-Agency Group

This report presents a joint NGO roadmap for more fair and humane policies for refugee and migrant youth in Greece. The report provides an overview of the current situation in Greece, the inter-agency team's vision for an improved government-run reception and integration system going forward, and recommendations for effectively addressing persistent gaps in access to asylum and critical services, as well as opportunities for integration.

For real progress to be made, says the report, a few concrete actions must be taken by the Greek Government, EU member states, the European Commission (Commission), the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and NGOs to ensure a collective EU migration management system based, first and foremost, on respect for human rights and international law. The report presents recommendations for the Greek government, as well as Commission and EU member states, UNHCR, and NGOs.