Trust and the Triggers of Trauma. Exploring experiences of the trust between Eritrean unaccompanied minors and their caregivers in The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Mirjam van Reisen, Taha Al-Qasim, Carlotta Zanzottera, Rick Schoenmaeckers - Tilburg University, EEPA, Nidos

There is nothing natural or automatic about trust. Trust grows and develops in every individual and is shaped by the environment in which a person interacts with other people (Eisenhower & Blacher, 2006). In the circumstance where young children are exposed to violence, repression and other violations, mistrust against others can develop in children (Fink, 2001). This report focuses on trust relations of Eritrean minors who arrived without the company of their parents to The Netherlands and the people who are taking care of them. The people who take care of them are legally appointed by the Dutch government and work for the Dutch unaccompanied refugee minor organization Nidos. Caregivers are legal guardians and mentors of the minors who work for Nidos.