Children and Families in Specific Risk Situations and Need for Support Services

Murli Desai - Rights-based Integrated Child Protection Service Delivery Systems


The aim of this module from the book Rights-based Integrated Child Protection Service Delivery Systems is to learn about the need for rights-based support services for children and families at risk in specific situations. It examines the concepts and theories of children in street situations, child substance abusers and children of substance abusers, children affected by HIV, children of incarcerated parents, and child-headed households. For each situation, the module facilitates learning to plan rights-based support services for these children, emphasising mobile services, drop-in day centres and temporary night shelters for street children; treatment of substance abuse; prevention, recovery and reintegration of HIV; prevention of stigmatization and discrimination against children of incarcerated parents; and designing an adult or organisation as the guardian of child-headed households.