Effective Interventions with Street-Connected Children: Lessons Learned in Kisumu, Kenya & Recommendations for the Future

Kisumu Street Children Rehabilitation Consortium

Introduction & Purpose

The Kisumu Street Children Rehabilitation Consortium (KSCRC) operates collaboratively to affect the problem of children living on the streets of Kisumu. KSCRC leads the nation in the deployment of innovative solutions that have effectively reduced the volume of children living on Kisumu’s streets. The purpose of this report is to share with local and national governmental leaders about Kisumu’s successes in significantly reducing the street population within the city and to inform others of the successful (and unsuccessful) interventions deployed in order to achieve these results. Likewise, the report works to identify the ongoing challenges with street children within Kisumu and the Consortium’s recommendations to mitigate these challenges in the future. Detailed below is a brief summary of the report’s contents:

  • KSCRC Mission

  • KSCRC Member Institutions

  • The Current State of the Street Population in Kisumu

  • Common Misconceptions about Street Children in Kisumu

  • Factors Driving Children to Kisumu’s Streets

  • Interventions with Street Children That Do Not Work

  • Interventions with Street Children That Work

  • Existing Challenges on Kisumu’s Streets and Recommendations for the Future

The report highlights what the program has found does and does not work in interventions for street-connected youth as regards rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration.