Socio-Economic, Demographic and Cultural Characteristics of Street Adolescents In Mumbai

Dattaram Dhondu Naik – Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

This is an explorative study undertaken in central and south part of the Mumbai with the objective of investigating socio-economic, demographic and cultural characteristics of street adolescents in Mumbai.

The sample of this study was purposive. Quantitative data was collected by conducting personal interview with street adolescents. Three hundred-fifteen boys and 332 girls were interviewed during survey.

The mean age of the participants was 14 years. The majority of the participants were staying on the foot path. About 11 percent boys were staying alone. Nearly one-fourth of the street adolescents were illiterate. No interest in study and poor economic conditions were the primary reasons for leaving school. Major reasons for leaving family were; earning money, poor economic conditions or had affection towards Mumbai.