Children with Disabilities in Europe and Central Asia: A Statistical Overview of their Well-Being


The report provides critical evidence for decision-makers across countries to use in both policy and programming. The authors hope that it will serve as a valuable resource to give all children with disabilities the opportunity to realize their rights on an equal basis with their peers.

It includes internationally comparable data from nine countries in Europe and Central Asia and covers more than 30 indicators of child well-being – from education to protection from violence and discrimination. It also presents global and regional estimates of children with disabilities drawn from more than 1,000 data sources, including 228 from countries in Europe and Central Asia.

The report’s objective is to promote the use of these data to make children with disabilities in the region more visible, bringing about a fuller understanding of their life experiences. It offers evidence crucial to decision-making to fulfil obligations, both moral and legal, to give every child an equal chance in life.