School Enrolment and Attendance for Children with Disabilities in Kenya: An Examination of Household Survey Data

Peter Moyi - FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education


While evidence confirms that children with disabilities face significant obstacles to schooling, especially in low-income countries like Kenya, there is limited empirical research on which to develop policy. The government of Kenya has long neglected the plight of people with disabilities. Despite numerous policy recommendations from the various education commissions, few, if any, have been fully implemented. Despite the rich information that may inform policy, household surveys are an overlooked source of data on children with disabilities. Therefore, using two sources of household survey data, this paper examines school enrolment and attendance patterns for children with disabilities in Kenya. The evidence suggests lower school participation for children with disabilities. This may be due to the limited availability of educational services. Despite the need for educational services, the analysis also shows that the majority of children with disabilities were not aware of any of the services offered by the government.