They Stay Until They Die. A Lifetime of Isolation and Neglect in Institutions For people with Disabilities in Brazil

Human Rights Watch

This report documents a range of abuses against children and adults with disabilities in residential institutions in Brazil. The research is based on direct observations during visits to 19 institutions (known in Brazil as shelters and care homes), including 8 for children, as well as 5 inclusive residences for people with disabilities. In addition, Human Rights Watch researchers interviewed 171 people, including children with disabilities and their families, adults with disabilities in institutions, disability rights advocates, representatives of non– governmental organizations, including disabled persons organizations, staff in institutions, and government officials. Research was carried out between November 2016 and March 2018 in the states of São Paulo (including São Paulo and Campinas), Rio de Janeiro (including Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, Niteroi and Nova Friburgo), Bahia (Salvador) and Distrito Federal (including Brasilia and Ceilândia).

The report outlines the government response to providing needed care and support to people with disabilities in Brazil and makes recommendations for improving outcomes for people with disabilities, including "developing a time-bound plan to phase out the use of residential institutions for children and adults and develop community-based services for individuals with disabilities and families of children with disabilities."

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