COVID-19 and street-connected children’s rights. Issue 2: The Right to Access to Information

Consortium for Street Children


As we all know, knowledge is power. The ability to find correct information on the things that are important to you, and in fact can save your life, is even more important now in the COVID-19 pandemic than it was a few months ago. It’s not just important or a ‘nice to have’ – each of us has the human right to access information, as set out in international law. This is not just something that governments should do if they want to – this is a right they must protect, even in times of crisis, and take steps to ensure that each of us can access appropriate and accurate information on COVID-19.

But what does this right mean to street-connected children and homeless youth? What should you as CSC network members, working daily with street-connected children and homeless youth in this pandemic, be doing or advocating with governments to protect this right?

This note sets out how the children and young people your organisation supports are affected and what you can ask your government to do to ensure that they have the information they need to stay safe.

We’ve also attached at the end of this note a section with additional information explaining what the right to information is and what government’s obligations are in this regard.

During a pandemic, the right to access information must be urgently respected and promoted. Everyone needs to have accurate and appropriate information during a pandemic, including street-connected children and homeless youth, to know what the virus is, how it transmits or spreads, what the symptoms are and how to protect themselves and others.


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