Protecting Children from Violence in the Time of COVID-19: Disruptions in prevention and response services


This brochure from UNICEF presents the results from UNICEF’s Socioeconomic Impact Survey of COVID-19 Response. The survey collected information from UNICEF’s network of 157 country offices on disruptions in service provision as a result of the coronavirus, at the national level, across different sectors. The 157 programme countries where UNICEF operates include all 138 low- and middle-income countries, plus 19 high-income countries. These 157 countries are home to 90 per cent of the world’s population of children. UNICEF country offices were asked to provide an assessment of the level of disruption in five services (shown on page 10) related to violence against children (VAC). As of 14 August 2020, 136 country offices had reported on these services. Thus, the results reflect the situation in 87 per cent of UNICEF programme countries, which are home to 1.9 billion children.