Childcare Workers: Challenges faced during COVID-19

Enid Pitsoane, Fhatuwani Makahane



The Coronavirus (COVID−19) pandemic has increased anxiety and stress among childcare workers in many communities. This has given rise to the question of whether childcare workers have the capabilities to execute their operational responsibilities effectively during this period in ensuring that the children are well taken care of.

The theory of crisis was used in the study to explore the resilience of childcare workers in managing the well-being of vulnerable orphans during this period. A qualitative approach was applied, using focus group interviews involving 10 childcare workers from the Lefika la Botshabelo Orphaned and Vulnerable care centre who have been beneficiaries of the programme too, to establish the role the care workers played in ensuring that the orphaned and vulnerable children were well-taken care of during lockdown. The responses showed the importance of training, personal and professional development as well as the importance of adapting to the recent COVID−19 regulations in optimally caring for orphans. These results suggested that Lefika childcare workers are in dire need of new, innovative ways to perform their duties.