COVID-19 and Children: How a Global Pandemic is Changing the Lives of Children in Albania and Kosovo

World Vision

In this consultation,10 girls and 10 boys in Albania and Kosovo were interviewed and shared their views and experiences of the outbreak of COVID-19. Additionally, 515 girls and boys were surveyed to understand the impact of the pandemic on their lives. Participants shared the ways in which the pandemic and the subsequent measures put in place to quell the spread of the virus, have exposed them to multiple stressors and have affected their daily life, their education, their psycho-social well-being and put them at greater risk of experiencing and witnessing violence and abuse in their families and in their communities. Girls and boys, however, are not passive victims of the pandemic and its aftermath. In this consultation participants also shared the ways in which they are facing the often-difficult changes to their daily lives and working towards contributing to stop the spread of the virus in a variety of creative and innovative ways.