Aggression and Internalizing Behavioural Problems Among the Orphan and Non-Orphan Children of Kashmir: A Comparative Study

Nisar Ahmad Rather & Dr Manish Kumar Verma - Our Heritage


The present study was descriptive in nature which aimed to study the aggression and internalizing behavioural problems among orphan and non-orphan children of Kashmir. The purposive sampling technique was used to collect the sample of 120 orphan and non-orphan children from three orphanages and three secondary schools from two districts of Kashmir. Two instruments viz: Anxiety, Depression and Stress scale developed by Bhatnagar, Aggression scale developed Bhardwaj scale were used to collect the data. The independent‘t’ test was used to assess the difference between the two groups of orphan and non-orphan children. The finding revealed significant difference between orphan and non-orphan children on all dimensions of internalizing behavioural problems (anxiety, depression and stress) and aggressive behaviour. It was found that orphan children were more engaged in internalizing and aggressive behaviour than non-orphan. Recommendation of regular assessment of psychological problems of these children should be done and if found to psychological issues, early counselling and intervention programs should be provided to curb these problems. Further intervention studies are proposed to deal with these behavioral problems using various approaches pertaining to the structure and function of the orphanage.