Born into Care: Developing Best Practice Guidelines for When the State Intervenes at Birth

Claire Mason, Karen Broardhurst, Harriet Ward, Anna Barnett, Lisa Holmes

Separating a baby from his or her mother at birth when there are safeguarding concerns is traumatic for birth parents and painful for professionals. This report presents findings from a study that analysed qualitative data from the lived experiences of parents and professionals where the state intervened at birth. The aim was to identify key challenges and to surface good practice examples with a view to developing a draft set of best practice guidelines for piloting with partner research sites in England and Wales.

This study comprised the collection and analysis of new empirical data through collaborative research with eight participating local authorities and seven corresponding NHS trusts in England and Wales. The study aimed to explore compulsory intervention at birth from the perspectives of parents as well as professionals in children’s social care, health services and the courts. The study forms part of the Born into Care series.