Commentary: Contextualizing Alternatives to RCTs: Measuring the Impact of a Non‐Governmental Sponsorship Organization's Projects to Strengthen Children's Supportive Environments

Darcy L. Strouse Kathryn Moore - New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development


ChildFund International (ChildFund) is a child‐focused International Non‐Governmental Organization (INGO) which, since 1938, has worked with local implementing partners (LIPs), government, and other partner organizations to help create the safe environments children need to thrive. The purpose of this commentary is to reflect on the utility and possible application of the suggestions and study designs in this special issue to real‐life intervention studies in dynamic context settings. The commentary provides three regional case examples with evaluation study lessons learned from ChildFund's global evaluation work. Specific insights from this issue are discussed regarding their application to effectiveness studies for projects delivered by a child‐focused INGO, like ChildFund, in resource‐limited settings.