The Effect of Resilience on the Psychological Well Being of Orphan and Non-Orphan Adolescents

Priyanka Dey, Beena Daliya - Indian Journal of Mental Health


Background: Resilient individuals are usually able to maintain their physical and psychological health and have the competence to recover quickly from stressful events. The present study provides insight into vulnerable segment of the population and helps to identify the factors contributing to their wellbeing & modifying them. Thus following this view, the objectives of the study was to examine the level of Resilience and psychological wellbeing among orphan and non-orphan adolescents; and to examine the influence of resilience on psychological wellbeing of orphan and non-orphan adolescents

Methodology: The participants were 30 orphan and 30 non-orphan adolescents (15 males & 15 females in both group), aged 13-18 years and were administered Child and Youth Resilience Measure and Ryff’s multidimensional Psychological wellbeing scale.

Results: The findings revealed that there is no significant difference in the level of Resilience among orphan and non-orphan adolescents where as there is significant difference in the Positive Relations with others among Orphan and Non orphan adolescents in the level of Psychological wellbeing. In relation to orphan adolescents, there is no significant influence of Resilience on psychological wellbeing of orphan adolescents whereas among non-orphan adolescents there was significant influence of Resilience on psychological wellbeing.

Conclusions: Further studies in diverse populations are warranted to ascertain the effects of Resilience on Psychological well being in adolescents.