The National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy Action Plan (2016-2021) of Uganda

Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

The National Integrated Early Childhood Development (NIECD) policy of Uganda seeks to address multi-dimensional needs of young children through building more effective and coherent efforts among sectors to achieve positive early childhood development out comes for all children. The NIECD policy Action Plan of Uganda provides guidance and elaborates strategies that government and partners will employ to undertake the execution of the NIECD policy of Uganda.

The action plan provides a clear implementation framework to integrate and coordinate interventions within and across different sectors and defines roles and responsibilities of key sectors involved in ECD. The plan is an advocacy tool and reference to raise the visibility of ECD, lobby for increased funding for ECD to expand coverage, particularly of disadvantaged children. This action plan helps relevant sectors translate the NIECD policy of Uganda into their own operational plans, mobilize funds and report on the progress.