Case Management Toolkit: A User's Guide for Strengthening Case Management Services in Child Welfare

Center for International Social Work at Rutgers University’s School of Social Work, International Social Service-USA

The Toolkit was prepared to assist USAID Mission staff working in the Europe and Eurasia (E&E) region in identifying and propagating good practices in case management services. It provides the user with a comprehensive assessment framework for analyzing current systems, procedures, and practices against international standards and professional case management practices at both the case level and system level. This toolkit does not promote a specific model of case management since no one approach or model can be applied to every situation. Rather, it outlines the beneficial aspects, processes, and strategies of case management that have shown improved outcomes for children and families.

The assessment framework can be used to identify good practices being used as well as gaps in current practices. The key question the measurement tool aims to answer for the user is “to what extent does the actual implementation of the case management approach within a specific target setting incorporate the core components of case management at the system and practice levels?” The aim of the authors is for the assessment framework to become a useful tool that will be used to build more efficient and effective case management practices at both the system level and case level, thereby strengthening child protection systems across the E&E region.