Experiences of Young Indian Girls Transiting out of Residential Care Homes

Satarupa Dutta - Asian Social Work and Policy Review

This study captures the lived experiences of twenty-four young Indian girls who have left care in the past four years. It addresses their journey of moving out of care at two levels — their preparation to leave care and their present experience. The primary focus of the study is to explore the interpretation and meanings attributed by these girls to the phenomena of transition out of care; identifying the uniqueness and commonalities that emerges from their experiences. The results expose a plethora of emotions and episodes the girls have encountered at each step of their path. Only 25% of the girls found exiting care as a smooth transition. The results help demonstrate role played by multiple environmental factors — support network (friends, peer group, family, social workers, etc.), residential care home, state and other social processes — operating at different systemic levels, highlighting the interface between the ‘self’ and the ‘environment’, based on the Ecological Framework.