The Permanence and Care Excellence (PACE) programme: Improvement in practice: leading positive change for children’s services


This report provides an insight into the Permanence and Care Excellence (‘PACE’) programme – a Quality Improvement programme underway from 2014-2020 which engaged with local authority partnerships in 27 of the 32 Scottish local authority areas. The programme was aimed at supporting local authority partnerships across Scotland to reduce permanence planning timescales for looked after infants, children and young people using a Quality Improvement framework.

This report sets out the fundamental ways in which the PACE programme focused on leading and sustaining improvement, including how and why it was set up, and analysis on key parts of the programme: from the requirement to gain leadership buy in and engage with key people, to the importance of data in analysing successes. It also provides information on key practice changes that were tested and implemented, the milestones achieved at each stage, challenges that were overcome, and the overall impact on the lives of the infants, children, young people and families whom we all strive to support.

Each section details the key learning from each stage of the programme, which can be applied to Quality Improvement programmes within a variety of settings.