A Case Study of the Process of Change: Transitioning Firefly Orphanage

Better Care Network and Kinnected

Firefly Orphanage* was a privately-run and privately-funded residential care institution established in 2007. In 2010, Firefly’s principal donor, a UK-based charity called Together for Change*, initiated awareness raising efforts to introduce Firefly’s director and other institutions they supported to the concept of family-based care. This sparked a lengthy and complex process of deliberation and transition that resulted in the reintegration of children into families and communities, the closure of the institution, and the transition of services into non-institutional programming. Over time the director became an influential advocate for family-based care and transition, and he continues to engage in community development work in rural areas to address issues leading to the institutionalization of children.

This case study highlights some of the key dynamics that arose throughout the transition process and examines how those dynamics both influenced the transition and determined the type of support provided as well as the most appropriate transition strategy. The case study is organized around the various stages of transition and explores some of the key themes outlined in the Transitioning Models of Care Assessment Tool. It also features a timeline that provides a visual representation of the key milestones and duration of each of the stages.

*Names and locations of organizations and individuals have been changed; however, the details represent a true account.