Alternative Child Care and Deinstitutionalisation: A case study of Nepal

Dr Chrissie Gale and Mr. Chandrika Khatiwada - SOS Children's Villages, CELCIS, European Commission

The European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) commissioned SOS Children’s Villages International to undertake case studies of arrangements for ‘alternative child care’ in six non-European countries across three continents to help inform the EU’s future strategy for provision of support for children in countries outside Europe. This report is a case study of one of the six countries, Nepal. A companion report provides a summary of alternative child care across South East Asia. The results of the regional reports and case studies are synthesised in a report entitled Towards the Right Care for Children: Orientations for reforming alternative care systems. Africa, Asia, Latin America (European Union, Brussels, 2017).

The report investigates why children are placed into alternative care, what types of alternative care are available in Nepal, what structures and processes govern alternative care, how the alternative care workforce are trained and supported, and what is and is not working in Nepal's current system. It concludes with recommendations for enhancing alternative care in the country.