Moving Towards Family Solutions: An Introduction to an Immersive Simulation Workshop

Nicole Wilke, Delia Pop, Elli Oswald, Amanda Howard, Meredith Morgan - Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond


Residential care organisations, such as children’s homes, are well-positioned to reshape their programmes to support family-based models of care. However, new models bring unknown factors, making organisations hesitant to transition programmes. To alleviate concerns and support transition, researchers developed an experiential workshop mirroring the conditions of an organisation transitioning to family care. Workshop participants are guided through a series of activities and discussions detailing the transition of a fictional programme to a family-based model of care. The workshop focuses on six key components: engagement, case management, families, asset transitions, measurement and fundraising. The workshop also gives participants the opportunity to create a personalised plan for their programme. The goal of the current article is to present this workshop framework and share the free Facilitator’s Toolkit (

This article is part of the special issue of the Institutionalised Children Explorations and Beyond journal.