Opening Doors for Europe's Children 2018 Country Factsheets

Opening Doors for Europe's Children

The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children – a pan-European campaign that advocates for strengthening families and ending institutional care – released 16 country fact sheets about the progress with the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care (also known as deinstitutionalisation) in 2018. The new generation of country snapshots covers 12 EU Member States, 2 EU pre-accession and 2 EU neighbouring countries.

Evidence reveals steady progress and growing commitment to the transformation of child welfare and child protection services in Europe. However, legislative and policy commitments and funding, including continued EU financial support, should be channeled more efficiently to close the gapbetween the closure of institutions and the development of a full range of prevention and alternative care options, as well as more individualised family and community-based support.

Through recommendations addressed to the European Union and national governments, the campaign bridges evidence with further actions to ensure sustainability of reforms, effective use of funds and better outcomes for children within and outside the EU.

2018 Country Factsheets include: