Replicable Models for Transition to Family-Based Care

Christian Alliance for Orphans

Research strongly suggests that children are best served by care that is as safe, nurturing and as close to family as is feasible for the given situation. Many care organizations that have long served children in large scale residential settings desire to shift decisively toward family-based solutions. However, transitioning from residential care to family-based care can be difficult, even intimidating. The organizations profiled in these case studies have pioneered effective transitions from residential to family-based care. For these studies, they have generously shared from their experiences, to inspire and assist others in making similar changes. Although each organization serves different children, cultures, and legal systems, they share many commonalities as well. These case studies are descriptive, not prescriptive. They offer models and ideas that – if appropriately adapted – can prove effective across a wide range of settings, situations and cultures. Safe transitions to family-based care take time. But these case studies show that such transitions are possible. Together, they offer a substantive toolbox of proven models, resources, and contacts that can aid any OVC-serving organization in decisive movement toward family-based care. 

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