Summary Report: Base Model Child Care Institutions (CCIs) Pilot Project 2nd Year Report

Miracle Foundation India

This is the summary report for a pilot project spearheaded by Miracle Foundation India with its two partner organizations which were two Children's Care Institutions (CCIs) in the Indore District in central India. The goal of the pilot was to ‘create a replicable model for other CCIs to effectively implement family based and alternative care through systemic change by engaging multiple stakeholders’.

The four key objectives for pilot project included:

  • Creating a model for other CCIs by putting together learnings and best practices
  • Showcase a true transformation by incorporating family-based care into the CCI model
  • Strengthening the processes, develop steps for systemic change and gather data for comparative analysis (supporting children in a CCI vs. in a family)
  • Engage government and non-government agencies to promote Family-based & Alternative Care (FBAC) for creating sustainable impact
Summary Report Mid-Term Review (MTR) for Family Based Care (FBC) Pilot Project with Base Model CCIs