Transitioning from Residential Care to Family Care in South Africa - Beautiful Gate Case Study: Communicating Change with Donors

Faith to Action Initiative

Engaging with key stakeholders is an essential part of any transition and must be handled with tact and wisdom. Located in South Africa, the organization Beautiful Gate began its ministry to protect street children and later grew to provide residential programs for children in need. Yet, as they began to learn more about the needs of children in families, they decided to shift away from residential care and expand their services to include the families of the children they served.

As Beautiful Gate broadened and prioritized the role of families, they communicated family strengthening as a key program to donors so they could see its value. Through sharing the successes of the program and their motivation for growing it, a majority of their donors were able to make the journey toward reunification and family-based care alongside the organization. As they shifted their communications, they also shifted their fundraising model - from sponsoring- a-child in the children’s home to supporting family reunification.

This case study summary explains how Beautiful Gate communicated these changes with donors.


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