Understanding Catalysts for Transition: Dynamics Leading to the Uptake of Transition Amongst Charitable Children’s Institutions in Kenya

Better Care Network, Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC)

This study was designed to be a small insights-based qualitative learning and reflection study to explore catalysts for transition. It was based on interviews conducted with Charitable Children’s Institutions’ (CCI) directors that sought to identify and explore the range of factors that influenced each director’s decision to transition their residential care services, and the interplay between those factors. The specific and overall objectives of the study were to:

  1. Identify and explore the range of factors that lead to the decision by CCI directors and boards of directors to undergo transition, and the interplay between these factors.
  2. Understand what creates or contributes to an enabling environment for the transition of residential care services, and the implications for local, national, and global care reform and transition strategies.
Understanding Catalysts for Transition